Repair & Service


A healthy, functional car requires a healthy engine, and for your engine to remain in good working order, it must be well-maintained & what's required to keep your vehicle's operating at peak performance.

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The enqine get all the glory, but the transmission and drive training are what make the car move. They need to be taken care of with regular maintenance. This keeps the car running well and helps prevent major transmission problems during the road.

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Vehicle suspension is an important aspect of every vehicle. It keeps the car balanced, stable and able to react to malevers during operation. (It is one of the less obvious systems of your car, but it is one of the hardest working) without suspension, your car's safety and comfort would be severly compromised.

If you suspect that your car's suspension may be failing, it is best to schedule an appointment with us to ensure maximum vehicle safety.

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A properly operating brake systems will ensure vehicle's safety and operations. If your brakes are trying to tell you something, you should pay attention and it should be checked immediately to avoid costly repairs and also help extend the life of your brakes

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